• The EVC CENTER is an Information Portal ONLY to serve as a knowledge base on Enterprise Value CreationTM (EVCTM) Framework giving information on the EVC Methodologies and Tools to help enterprises create value on new initiatives, and existing assets and services.
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EVC3TM Framework


  • EVC3TM is short for Enterprise Value Creation, Collaboration and Communication.
    EVC3 is a FRAMEWORK that ENABLES the Enterprise Value Creation of new initiatives, and existing assets and services; by providing EVC Principles, and EVC Enabling Tools (models, methods and best practices) that can be adopted and adapted for all areas and departments of an enterprise.
  • EVC3 is the world’s leading framework that can be adopted and adapted for the discovery and realization of value from projects, initiatives, portfolios, and strategic plans.  

  • Designed for the digital age, EVC3 provides the “how-to”

  • Effectively identify business and customer needs.
  • Determine the risk, and the degree of urgency (required speed for execution) for each new initiative.
  • Quantify, validate and measure all of the economic and strategic benefits for an initiative.
  • Create a dynamic culture of proactive collaboration and effective communication between the IT teams and business teams, before projects are approved, to ensure that the forecasted benefits and expected ROI of every initiative is realized.
  • EVC3 is best when it is implemented as a CULTURE of Enterprise Value Creation.  More...


EVC3 Solves Important IT and Business Management Pain Points, including:

  1. A large number of IT projects fail to deliver the expected business results.
  2. With the new requirements for Two-Speed IT, companies need an effective way to prioritize projects based on Urgency — and C-level executives and their teams don't know how to do it.
  3. Many IT investments are now made by the business areas; requiring an increased collaboration and communication between the IT areas and the business areas.
  4. The Two-Speed IT approach, and corporate cultures of Innovation, is resulting in an increased number of risky initiatives, with an even higher probability of failure than in the past.

What if a company does not invest in EVC3?

  1. Will have a substantial increase in the % of IT projects that fail.
  2. A lot of money will be wasted in new projects with no positive outcome and business results.
  3. Important strategic projects may not be identified, approved, and/or treated with high priority.
  4. Initiatives that would help protect from security or market threats may not be prioritized properly.

As a Culture

EVCTM is best when it is implemented as a CULTURE of Enterprise Value Creation.

Since 1992 hundreds of enterprises, and thousands of business and technology professionals and managers around the world, have been using EVC. Version 3 of the EVC Framework was released in 2016; and includes enhancements to meet the new requirements of the digital age, and to complement other frameworks and standards that emphasize the need to better assess and measure value, in order to increase the probability of projects’ success.

EVC can be used to identify (before implementation), enable (during implementation) and sustain (after implementation) the value of an individual project, solution, or service; or a complete portfolio of initiatives; and/or to define the strategic plan of any business or technology initiative.

Investments and initiatives in Big Data, the Cloud, Analytics, Virtualization, Mobility, IoT, Security, and just about any technology or business initiative is best justified and measured using the components of the EVC Framework.   More...


The Genius® Suite of software tools from Glomark-Governan provides different levels of functionality for assessing, comparing and measuring economic value creation and risk.

From the simple Genius® Base used by channel partners and resellers for selling value, to the advanced Genius® Analyzer used by business case experts, the Genius® tools provide a wide range of features that fulfil different Users’ needs for practicing the EVCTM Methodology.”


  • Cloud-Based (SaaS) Services Company
  • Powered by the proven Enterprise Value CreationTM (EVCTM) Framework.
  • 20+ years of value creation data from thousands of clients’ studies worldwide.
  • Brings sophisticated business case preparation, strategic planning, and portfolio management, to more simplified tasks.
  • Business cases can be done in minutes.
  • Managers and teams can make better decisions, and prevent projects from failing.
VALTICSTM is the only large footprint of economic benefits formulas, for all industries and business functions.     More...


  • Companies require different levels of business case assessments — from high-level business cases for evaluating the first stages of their processes, to comprehensive assessments with complex risk analyses. The business cases are prepared and presented in different areas of their organizations, such as in sales, marketing, IT, project management, PMO, R&D, product development, operations, among other areas and processes.
  • As a result of these varying needs, we have developed an EVC Training & Certification program to provide users with different levels of EVC skills and competency. The training and certification sessions can be conducted on-site in your facilities, or in a virtual and public forum.


Annual Global Enterprise Value Creation Forums in South Africa are events that provide South African enterprises with learning knowledge of EVC3 Framework – Methodology & Tools, to help talented For CIOs, COOs, IT Executives, IT Marketing, Project Managers, Programme Managers and those involved in business and project investment value quantification to discuss best practices and key considerations for identifying how IT assets, IT services, and IT projects can create economic, operational, strategic, and intangible value for the Enterprise.

Global EVC Value Forum – For CIOs, COOs, IT executives, IT Marketing and Project/Programme Managers, effectively identifying, assessing, and measuring the economic value of technology investments is a crucial element of their overall company’s success.

Discussing Best Practices for Measuring IT Value and IT Portfolio Management

Sandton, Johannesburg

EVC Value Selling Forum – For individuals involved in business-to-business selling, who need to present the value that their solutions and services create for their customers.


Strategic Process-Based Value Selling

Cape Town

Value Sourcing Forum - Procurement and Sourcing professionals and managers focus on obtaining the best price and terms from their vendors, but often do not factor the value that the vendor’s solution can create for their enterprise.

Strategic Procurement and Sourcing

Sandton, Johannesburg