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Dates - TBC - October 2019, Michelangelo Hotel at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg

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Strategic Procurement and Sourcing - Procurement and Sourcing professionals and managers focus on obtaining the best price and terms from their vendors, but often do not factor the value that the vendor’s solution can create for their enterprise. Establishing a methodology for comparing vendors and solutions based on strategic and economic value is something desired by chief-procurement officers and senior sourcing managers.

Highlight discussions
  • How to incorporate value creation in your procurement and sourcing process
  • How to manage your contract portfolios
  • How to compare and select vendors based on value creation
  • The desire to implement the EVC methodology as part of your RFP process in strategic sourcing

Who’s attending?
  • For all Procurement, Sourcing, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Managers and Professionals
  • For individuals involved in business-to-business selling, such as Account Managers, field and inside Sales Professionals, Solution Architects, Pre-Sale Consultants, Sales Managers, and Sales VPs, who need to present the economic and strategic value that solutions and services create for their customers

Attendance / Sponsorship information
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